Angela Panlilio


I picked up my first camera, a Canon, eight years ago. Snapshots of travel, of newness, were often the subjects of my first clicks. Over time, I noticed expressions, interactions, connections. Street photography, now with the FUJI in hand, became my go-to. The hunt for that capture that gets the blood pumping, the journey toward ensnaring that image, began taking equal stage as with the moment of actual capture. My photography evolved to a two-sidedness that once was not there. The lens became a handshake. A relationship. Children at play, people in contemplation, moments of quiet, a smile, a mutual acknowledgment strengthened my passion for this craft.

I found support and learning by joining Zone Five Camera Club. We continue to explore ways to find an outlet for erstwhile an activity that requires being among people. Online contests zoom learning became the norm. A way through. A way to express despite.

Of late, I find myself traversing from the realist or what is the type of photography to more painterly, abstract works. The introspection brought about by the times finds its realization in my newer works like the ARCHETYPE series. This set was shot in its entirety using plastic coverings that protected the masks ordered during the lockdown. The WAWA series were shot pre-pandemic, but I veiled it on postproduction. Again, an interpretation, in my mind's eye of the times. Photography has always been that for me - an instinctive, gut feel manner of sharing. What words cannot make vivid; the images can approximate. That is my hope.

Art in the Park
Ortigas Art Festival
Seeing Beyond
Estancia, Capital Commons